Who We Are


ER Squared is a Life Science consulting firm serving Bio-Pharmaceutical companies, Animal Health Care companies, and allied solution providers.

Mission Statement

Enable our clients to reap the value of new solutions and break away from historical clinical research processes.


What We Do

We provide consulting services to pharmaceutical, biotech, animal health, and allied provider companies. We focus on business systems analysis to assist our clients in reviewing current processes, planning future state processes, evaluating commercial offerings, addressing change management, implementing new solutions and processes to reap the rewards of new solutions and break away from historical processes. We provide industry insights to assist allied providers with validation strategies, product road map planning, and go to market strategies.


We apply first-hand experience to enable our clients to better meet the needs of their customers - who at the end of the day is us (all of us), as healthcare consumers.

Why We Do It

Our staff have witnessed first hand the trials and tribulations of trying to get new solutions implemented within our conservative industry. We've felt the frustrations of extended wait times and lost opportunities. We've also been involved in industry leading adoption of new solutions well before our competitors. This perspective and experience fuels our passion to assist our clients in reaping the value of new solutions in a timely manner while breaking away from the legacy of historical processes.

Our Services

In the News


I am very excited to announce that ER Squared and GrowthXceleration have joined in a strategic partnership to provide sales and business development services to software and service providers in the life sciences space.  Robert Musterer has joined GrowthXceleration as a co-founder to provide an ideal combination of domain area expertise and business development acumen that is lacking in simple cold calling lead generation services.  As GrowthXceleration, we serve as your virtual VP of Business Development, providing both tactical and strategic consulting services.  The range of services includes, but is not limited to: business development strategy, lead generation and prospect development, as well as implementation support services and product road-map consultation.  This full service package fills a huge void for many software vendors and service providers looking to grow their business.  It is the growth of your business that is our focus.

"We are responding to a clear and growing requirement from our clients and prospective clients who have consistently expressed a need to achieve new revenue and brand growth in the US market" said Rob Musterer CEO of ER Squared. “We are confident that through this combination of proven Industry, Sales and Business Development expertise, we can offer our clients the greatest value and enduring benefits.”

"By combining our joint teams into an integrated sales and business development team we are able to deliver a superior service at a fraction of the traditional cost of hiring a full time sales resource" said Robert Fucci, CEO of GrowthXceleration.

 To learn more about GrowthXceleration:

          check out the website at GrowthXceleration

          call (203) 295-7644 

          email RMusterer@er2inc.com

          Watch the following 1 min video:


Adoption Hassle Map and Change Management

It is well known that pharmaceutical companies have almost a bizarre mixture of units in which some are on cutting edge of science and technologies while other units are extremely slow to adopt and utilize new solutions. This slow pace is particularly prevalent in the support of clinical trials. Companies have been historically slow to adopt new technologies, a prime example being Electronic Data Capture. First commercial systems became available in the 1980’s and widespread adoption really did not start taking place until 20 years later. There are numerous reasons for this.  Some people will tell you that it’s related to the availability of technologies, the sophistication and maturity of those technologies, and utilization of web based services.  Other people will tell you it’s just extreme reluctance attributed to being a conservative organization, bounded by regulatory requirements and uncertainty over exactly how to meet those requirements. The reality is there is no one single culprit that you can point your finger at because all of them contribute to it.  I like to think of it in terms of an Adoption Hassel Map that outlines the variety of concerns contributing to delays in the adoption.



While there are a lot of items in the hassle map, they are not insurmountable, and they are not unique to the pharmaceutical industry.  It requires frankly addressing each of these points and developing a change management strategy to prioritize and address them.  Also, make no mistake about it there is a definite opportunity cost associated with accepting the status quo and continuing to process the data and to manage the trials using historical inefficient approaches that do not take advantage of new solutions.

A successful change management plan needs to identify the stakeholders and the gatekeepers.  For each of these, you need to understand their concerns, then develop approaches to address those concerns.  A key component is to retain focus on the human element by developing targeted approaches and messaging for each stakeholder and gatekeeper.  A full breakdown could become a book and clearly outstrips the intention of a short article.  So let me leave with a simple take home message.  The horrendous track record of extremely slow adoption of new solutions can be addressed by recognizing the elements of the adoption hassle map and developing a change management plan addressing the concerns of stakeholders and gatekeepers.


Robert Musterer