eClinical Definition & Scope

The definition of eClinical (aka e-clinical ) is sometimes in the mind of the beholder.  When this term was first coined, it was largely used as the latest new buzzword referring to electronic data capture systems (EDC). Interestingly enough EDC was just the latest in the evolution of terminology that started as remote data entry (RDE), then remote study monitoring (RSM), then as electronic data capture (EDC).

eClinical has come to encompass a broad array of solutions that endeavor to support one or more aspects of clinical trials ranging from planning through to submissions and data mining.

eClinical definition:  the application of computerized solutions (software and/or hardware) and associated processes intended to support clinical trial related processes through automation of previously manual based processes.

The following diagram illustrates the variety of solutions that comprise the eClinical landscape.

eClinical Landscape diagram
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