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ER Squared is a life Sciences consulting firm specializing in eClinical consulting.  We assist clients with strategy development; system selection and implementation; and validation and regulatory compliance. Our mission is to enable our clients to break away from historical clinical research processes and reap the value of new solutions.

To provide perspective; the founder of ER Squared started his career in the Pharmaceutical industry as a data manager working with paper CRFs using a very manual intensive processing model. Realizing there were possibilities to improve the process, he jumped at the opportunity, in 1985, to become involved in one of the industry’s initial deployments of the first commercial EDC system. Even in these early days, predating web based solutions, EDC was successfully used for numerous trials from Clinical Pharmacology through pivotal Phase III trials. After changing companies, our founder played a key role in not only bringing EDC into the new company, but in championing the change management required to adopt EDC for 100% of trials domestically and then globally. This was accomplished a decade before widespread adoption of EDC in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Our team at ER Squared includes several members who participated in this journey and other solution implementation projects. ER Squared’s experience extends well beyond EDC to encompass topics including, but not limited to: end to end data management services, clinical trial programming, data repositories, data visualization, clinical trial management systems, system portfolio strategies, resourcing strategies, standardization, structured study designs, and validation. This wealth of experience provides unsurpassed insights into the broader picture to provide guidance on how new solutions fit into a comprehensive system portfolio and process definition to be able to maximize the value of your investment.

We’ve seen first hand how slow adoption of new solutions and improper change management have led to continuation of inefficiencies and large opportunity costs. It is with this in mind that ER Squared was formed with the mission to break our clients away from this history; to obtain the value from new solutions in a timely manner.

We use this experience to provide a broad range of consulting services including business process redesign; system selection and implementation; sourcing strategies; supplier audits; and business development services. Our rooted perspective has enabled us to assist clients in identifying and deploying a variety of solutions. Throughout these engagements, ER Squared emphasizes change management that focuses on the human element to assure system acceptance.

ER Squared employs industry experts with years of operational and leadership experience. Our staff has served in biopharma positions actively involved on projects very similar to what they are assigned to as consultants. This experience is a cornerstone in providing strong business analysis services to our customers.

Allow us to assess your objectives, leverage what you do best, and help you achieve your goals through a strategy tailored to your organization and your needs.

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