ER Squared

Who We Are:

ER Squared is an eClinical consulting firm serving Bio-Pharmaceutical companies, Animal Health Care companies, allied solution providers, and investors.

What is eClinical?
eClinical is the application of electronic (aka computer software) systems to support the clinical development process. This includes a broad array of systems designed to assist activities ranging from protocol planning through to submissions and beyond to data mining.

Our Mission Statement

Enable clients to reap the value of new solutions and break away from historical clinical research processes.

What We Do

  • We provide consulting services to pharmaceutical, biotech, animal health, allied provider companies, and investors.
  • We focus on solutions that support the clinical development process.
  • We provide industry insights to assist allied providers with validation strategies, product road map planning, and go to market strategies.
  • We apply first-hand experience to enable our clients to better meet the needs of their customers – who at the end of the day is us (all of us), as healthcare consumers.

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Why We Do It

Our staff have witnessed first hand the trials and tribulations of trying to get new solutions implemented within our conservative industry. We’ve felt the frustrations of extended wait times and lost opportunities. We’ve also been involved in industry leading adoption of new solutions well before our competitors. This perspective and experience fuels our passion to assist our clients in reaping the value of new solutions in a timely manner while breaking away from the legacy of historical processes.

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