Virtual VP Services

Virtual VP Services

Virtual VP: Technology & Data Management

Many growing life science companies struggle with the need to professionally manage their clinical data processing and strategy without sufficient internal demand to justify hiring a full time person.  To meet this need, ER Squared is offering services as a virtual VP of Technology & Data Management.  Titles and interpretations of them can vary, so the following list of related titles covered by this virtual VP role are offered for perspective:

    • VP of Clinical Technologies
    • VP of Data Management
    • VP of Clinical Programming
    • VP of Biometrics
    • VP of Scientific Programming
    • VP of EDC
    • VP of eClinical
    • VP of Innovation

Key aspects of the virtual VP role:

    • Relationship oriented.
    • Integral part of your team.
    • Develops plans with you.
    • Takes ownership for driving the implementation of your plan.
    • Oversees technology and/or service providers for you.

You may well benefit from a virtual VP when any of the following apply:

    • Need to define your approach for handling clinical data.
    • Need to develop a strategy for data processing technology implementation.
    • Need to prepare multi-year budget forecasting for data processing technology & services.
    • Need to improve compliance assurance.
    • Need to better manage clinical data processing and usability of data.
    • Don’t want commitment of hiring a full-time person.

Contact us  to learn how a virtual VP role can help you achieve your goals.